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BMW - Robot: Sound Design | Mix | 5.1 Cinema Mix

BMW: Sound Design | Mix | 5.1 Cinema Mix

Client: BMW

Agency: FCB Inferno

Editors: Absolute

Director: Sean Thompson

David Reviews gave each of these spots 4 Stars with the following reviews:

"Another fun BMW commercial infused wit h the spirit of child's play. It may be a toy, but this clanking robot looks and sounds rather intimidating as it marches forth to vaporize its target. Head whirring and lasers primed, it nonetheless makes a fatal error by straying too close to the Gran Tourer's automatic boot - and letting the family dog enjoy aerial supremacy in the process."

"BMW raid the toy chest for this charming ad which has plenty of fun with scale, yet also shrewdly underlines the car maker's family-friendly credentials. As these inanimate medieval warriors stand alert and ready to defend their fortress, a shadow looms menacingly into view. Are we about to see this moderately-sized castle fall? Thanks to the Gran Tourer's sensitive parking sensors, these toy soldiers live to tell the tale.

Like a child turning its toy box into a blockbuster film set, Dark Energy's Sean Thompson does a super job of crafting an affectionate spectacle out of these tiny heroes. Integrating the advertised vehicle's safety feature into the story is neatly done as well, and the ad serves as an effective means of p resenting the luxury brand as one in tune with home life as well. It's something their advertising has rarely communicated, but is well conveyed here."

These were great spots to work on and it's always fantastic seeing what started off as an online-only commercial going to cinema!