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IBM People for Smarter Cities: Sound Design | Mix

IBM: Sound Design | Mix

For this project I was confronted with 4 beautifully shot branded content shorts. They were all filmed and set in different cities around the world and are simple pieces with no more than two people speaking at once. The music is also elegant and straightforward and was already approved which helps with my decision making from the start.

This is another 'hear-what-you-see' piece of sound design and nothing particularly innovative on my part except being able to feel the flow of the piece and not over stating the Foley and atmos SFX.  

I was given the dialogue tracks as an aaf with several mic options to choose from. It's always nice to have these choices especially when interviews are often recorded in non-acoustically friendly environments. Needless to say, for the Nordic Food Lab film, I struggled cleaning up the audio because they were in a noisy kitchen. It's one thing cleaning up dialogue that has a consistent drone or noise underneath everything but when pots and pans are clanging it's tough to get rid of. In some spots of the film I had to recreate the kitchen ambience to mask the affected parts of dialogue. 

Little touches like the bicycles freewheeling down the road make all the difference to a piece like this. In the film with Matt Orlando, having the sound of him digging through compost and the subtle sound of him breaking off a herb leaf are all key here. Certain emphasis on certain shots truly add to the creative vision of the film.