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ITV - Promo: Sound & Music Design | Mix

This project was very different to my usual sessions. I had only about 3 hours to construct and 'write' a percussive track for a Rugby World Cup promo airing one time only on ITV. The reference was a tennis commercial constructed solely from tennis sounds, shouts, ball bounces etc. The cut however was a lot more aggressive than the reference, and being rugby I thought I'd make the piece a little more tribal sounding.

The session wasn't attended which is always worrying when I'm left to my own devices! I worked to a tempo grid (as opposed to timecode) and started building the percussion using rugby hits, ball catches, referees whistle etc. 

When the client cam in to approve it, he was not expecting what I had made. My heart sank and with no time left to change it I was stuck. He liked it, it just wasn't what he was expecting. Later he called and said he'd played it to his peers and they loved it!! Phew!