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Rémy Martin: Sound Design

For this spot I was very excited after having the brief with the creative director duo Ne-O. It's a fairly straight forward sound design project with most the sounds being Foley and 'hear-what-you-see' SFX but the contrasting scenes were what fascinated me. It goes from action movie, to forest, to press room, to concert to bar scene. The biggest challenge was getting a smooth transition between the scenes without it jolting audibly. For example, in the press scene I used the click of cameras to smoothly flow into applause in the club scene. Sonically these two very contrasting actions, one very mechanical and the other very organic, actually sound very similar when layered.

Another challenge was after presenting a first mix, during the forest scene, the director noted that my forest sounds weren't Chinese or even Asian. Something I had completely overlooked. With that I spent a good hour researching Asian birds and forest sounds and compiled a mix of different bird sounds with Chinese forest ambience and a nice generic wide panned outdoor atmos for good measure. 

This piece was being mixed elsewhere (a previously made client decision) and I had to hand my sound design aaf over. This video is mostly my sound design (you may recognise the 'cut' shout) but I've noticed they thinned it out as to not clash with the music. At the time I was designing, the music had not yet been chosen so understandably my design would've clashed sonically with a busy track that they chose for the final piece.