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Tetley: Vocal Record

Client: Tetley

Agency: Creature

Producer: Emma Hovell

I don't usually upload projects where I only really recorded the VO or vocals for something. However, this project was a little more involved than just hitting the record button. We had three dialogue parts and a singing vocal part to record that all had to intertwine with each other. Of course they were all recorded separately and had to still sound conversational. 

The hardest part though was getting the right tone for David Schofield to sing his vocals in. The backing music was still a rough guide at this point and the directors weren't sure whether to go with a more 'talking-style' singing part or actually singing it. We had numerous sessions to re-record vocals and ended up comping between multiple takes, even comping words together to get the perfect read!

It was a tough job keeping track of each session and taking detailed notes every time was key. It's important to stay on top with the Pro Tools timeline, duplicating the mix every single time there's a new version.