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We offer three post production services: Recording - for all your ADR, Foley and voiceover needs. 

Sound Design: When you need your audio to really reach your audience we create and design awesome sonic stories for your project.

Mixing: Once everything is locked in, building the right balance for all your sounds is key. We will mix your project to any broadcast specification that you request.  

we create audio.



With our creative and technical expertise, we offer the perfect environment to capture the ultimate performance. Whether your project needs a voice-over to give it character, ADR or foley, give us a shout to discuss your own unique needs. If you are looking for a voice for your project, check out the roster at our partnership agency here.



You've spent months planning it, weeks shooting it, days editing it and hours grading it. Your project deserves more than average sound on it. We think outside the box to create unique and original sound designs to give your visuals maximum impact. We're not shy in getting our hands dirty and building our clients' ‘audio awesomeness’ from scratch. With multiple music sources (both bespoke and library) and over 200,000 SFX on our servers, we’ll go the extra mile to give you the audial oomph your project deserves.



Now your masterpiece has been expertly structured, let’s sit back and make it easy on the ears. Even the most innovative sound design can lose all impact if it’s not mixed properly. If you can't hear that sound you spent hours creating, what's the point? We ensure every single sound can be appreciated on any system, from laptop speakers to full 5.1 cinema/broadcast surround sound. We'll also mix to the appropriate broadcast specification so that your content passes quality control, wherever it goes out.

we do it here.